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At Bought Records we have a perpetual policy of accepting and listening to every demo that is submitted.  I am sure that you can appreciate the number of submissions that we receive and realize that we can not personally respond to every demo.  If you do not hear from us it doesn’t necessarily mean that we did not like or appreciate your demo, it merely means that for whatever reason we are not interested at this time.  There are many reasons that could affect this.  It could be that we feel another label could better represent your genre, we don’t believe we have the resources available at this time to take on your project in the way that it should be done, the material doesn’t fit with our business philosopy or a ton of other reasons that are too numerous to list.

Use our registration form, this will allow you to submit a website for our review.  WE NO LONGER ACCEPT MYSPACE PAGES for demo submissions.  I apologize if this causes any inconvenience.  If you have your own website, facebook  or electronic press kit feel free to include the link and we will review the material on the site.  If you have an mp3 that you would like to submit then you can ask for an email address to use.  If you want to submit a physical demo such as:  cassette, cd, vhs, dvd, press kit or other form and need a mailing address please send us an email asking for an address to send a physical demo.  We do not list a mailing address on the site to cut down on the amount of unsolicited marketing mail that we receive.

Now let’s talk about content.  We will listen to and evaluate all submissions but here is a list of preferences.  A perfect demo submission would include:

  • between 1 and 3 songs

  • a lyric sheet for each song

  • a short bio page

  • a photograph

A bio page will list:

  • who you are

  • how you would like to be perceived

  • where you come from

  • what you have done

  • what you hope to do

  • what your plans are for getting these things done.

If you have an electronic press kit or a facebook page it is likely that all of these elements already exist there so just send us a link along with lyric sheets for the songs you feel are your strongest.

A note here that is important, a bright, shiny, expensive press kit is not likely to impress us more than an mp3  or youtube link.  We are looking for quality in the material not in the presentation of the material.  There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to record a demo to submit to us.  If you have the ability to record a rough demo on your home computer that will work fine.  Most record labels expect someone to have the full package ready to go to market.  There is not really much in artist development going on in the industry today but at Bought Records we believe strongly in working with a tallented artist to help them develop.  You do not need to prove to us that you can sell tens of thousands of cds to get our attention.  If you have great music and great lyrics or show potential and are willing to work to improve we are willing to work with you.

One final note, we will never ask you for money to listen to or evaluate your demo.  We will not ask you for money to sign you to our label or money up front to cover “expenses”.  If a label makes their money up front then they have little incentive to market your cd because they have already made their money.  If you happen to put in the legwork then they make more money but they get paid either way.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us through email or our registration page.

Thank you for your time,
Eric E. Durbin

Music Director

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