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At Bought Records we do not believe every instrument is the same. We do not believe it has the same qualities, characteristics or sounds as others, or that it should be treated the same. For instance, a guitar is not a snare drum — its maker did not intend it for this use. For that very reason we do not believe it will be successful or best utilized in this role. We are also against hitting a guitar with sticks, no matter how much it “looks” like a snare drum.

In this same way we do not believe every musician is an evangelist, or a preacher, or a teacher. God has created many instruments, and if one is an evangelist who uses music to evangelize… great! That is how we will treat them. If a musician is an entertainer, who God has called to do this, then that is how we will work with them. If an individual is called to preach and teach the word of God through music… once again, great!

All of these roles and many others are equally useful, valid and needed. Each has its own calling. Trying to force an entertainer into the role of an evangelist, or a preacher into the role as solely an entertainer are equally wrong, ineffective — essentially hitting a guitar with a drum stick and expecting it to sound like a snare drum. 

—    Eric E. Durbin

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